What’s the best Website Builder for Churches in 2022?

What’s the best Website Builder for Churches in 2022?

Now you are ready to set up an online church home. Great! The question now is: What are the best church website builders?

Are you looking to use a pre-made template for your church? Do you prefer to create it from scratch?

There are many things to consider. We’ve compiled this list to aid you get started. Let’s first look at what you might need…

TL: DR – What’s The Best Church Website Builder?

Wix offers 15 church-specific themes that you can customize. Wix websites are robust and can be upgraded to add additional apps. The Combo plan is $16 per month. The nucleus was explicitly designed for churches. It costs $79 per month. Weebly has one church theme and is the easiest to use. The Pro plan is $12 per month.

What to search for in the Best Church Website Builders

A decent website built with a builder will allow you to display basic information like location, contact details, maps, and more. Integrating social media and the ability to upload images, videos, and content via blog posts is common. It should not be a problem to offer downloadable resources to your visitors online.

A church website may also require specific features:

  • Is it open to donations? You might need to invite people to donate through your website, which is not the case for non-profit businesses. This can be harder than you think because many online shops aren’t set up for donations. …
  • Is it possible to develop an online shop? The answer is yes with most website builders. It might be expensive if there are a lot ofitems.
  • Are you able to manage and set up events? Churches organize many community events. The website should allow people to see them at a glance through a calendar and perhaps even RSVP to give you an idea of how many will be attending.
  • Does it make it easy to use? Search for drag-and-drop website builders that are easy to use and offer lots of flexibility.
  • Are there members-only areas? You may want to lock pages so that only the administrators or designated volunteers have access.
  • Is it possible to add or integrate a newsletter into your website? Some website builders offer their newsletter service. You can add a line code to your template to allow others to create a newsletter registration form.

How do I get started with Website Builders?

Similar to when you build any other website:

  • Register with the website builder (email and password).
  • The best way to start is by choosing a template
  • Add pages or sections
  • You can customize the content, such as images and text.
  • Optional: Edit SEO Settings

Let’s now see which church website builders can meet all or almost all of these requirements.

Wix: The Best Church Templates to Get Started

Website Builder for Churches in 2022

Wix’s templates for churches can be found in their religion and non-profit section. What a fantastic selection! There are 15 templates available, which makes them look very modern. They are all mobile-friendly, so they can be adapted to fit your phone and computer screens.

This site builder is a regular top pick in our favorite website builders. You are able to read more about them in our full review or watch the video below.

This is great news for churches. The intro mentions all the features. You will find the bookings webpage, membership areas and event team management. This allows multiple users to upload information to the site.

We love the backup site feature. This means that you are always covered in the event of a design error or if you want to restore it to its original state. Wix offers a lot of flexibility in the template design.

Wix is also well-known for its app market, which allows you to install tons of extensions free of charge. One is available for donations. You can find any feature that isn’t in the standard box app, and you can also access it through their 250+ paid apps.

Use the Get Funding app to accept donations on Wix websites.

What they could improve on: Wix falls at the higher end of the price spectrum. Also, if you store long videos, such as sermons or mass recordings, it might run out of storage. However, you can upload to YouTube and embed your video directly on your website without worrying about Wix storage. You can also choose a higher Wix plan.

Complex websites for large churches and religious organizations may also need more sub-navigation layers, as Wix only offers one.

The downside is that once a template has been chosen, you cannot change it. Unless you start from scratch, you will not be able to edit or customize it.

How much does Wix cost? The Combo plan costs $16 per month. The Combo plan is ad-free and comes with a 1-year custom domain name. You can find our complete guide to Wix pricing here.

www.wix.com Free Trial

Nucleus- The Church Website Experts

Website Builder for Churches in 2022

With its most recent version 2, Nucleus is a solution specifically for churches. You will find all the necessary features, such as a form manager, calendars, blogs, and a donation section. It even allows you to add a page for prayer requests and a sermon page where people can listen to the most recent recordings.

Why is Nucleus not at the top of this list of best website builders for churches? As you will see, there are some caveats.

This is great news for churches: It has all the features you can imagine and is easy to use. This is the perfect all-in-one hub for your church. It allows you to gather all your communications and makes it as simple as possible for your congregation.

The builder is straightforward, even fundamental. This means that you don’t need any technical knowledge to get started.

What they could improve: The biggest problem is the price. You get some church-specific features. However, adding similar ones to Wix or Weebly is easy if you are willing to spend the time looking for them. Even with the paid add-ons, you won’t pay $99 per month for the Nucleus web plan.

There’s also the matter of design flexibility. The nucleus is very easy to use, but it does Mean that you have to sacrifice some options. All the designs are very similar. Here are some examples:


What is the cost of a Nucleus? The Web tier costs $99 per month if you pay annually. This includes the website builder and a form builder. It also provides podcast hosting. The Giving plan is $290 for smaller churches with up to 50 members and eliminates processing fees.

You can also add the Media package to your monthly bill for $39

A 30-day free trial at Nucleus. church

Squarespace – The Most Stylish

Website Builder for Churches in 2022

A clean, modern, minimalist website for your church is Squarespace. They have some of the most beautiful templates and can be viewed on mobile devices and computers.

Squarespace was initially created to host blogs. The online store feature can be pretty powerful, but selling products online will increase the price of your plan.

What’s excellent about Squarespace for churches? Squarespace’s blog feature is great if you are interested in regular updates. It’s easy to create and manage an online store and powerful. Squarespace offers podcast hosting.

What they could improve: There are no church templates. You’ll need to set up your own using the Community or Non-Profits section. While there are two basic templates you can modify, it’s not very intuitive.

Squarespace is more expensive than other providers and may be limited for large church websites due to the 1 sub-navigation.

How much does Squarespace cost? Squarespace costs $14 per month for the Personal plan. However, you will need the Online Store Basic plan for $27 to sell items and accept donations. See our full Squarespace pricing review.

> No-obligation trial at www.squarespace.com

Webnode – Best for Multilingual Churches

Website Builder for Churches in 2022

There are few options if you need to reach churchgoers in multiple languages. You could make duplicates of every website page, but using a system that works right out of the box is much more efficient. Webnode is precisely this, but it comes at a price, as you’ll see.

What is great for churches? One template is for churches, while a few templates are available for non-profits. There isn’t one category for them, so you will need to look through their entire library. You can choose between the FREE plan ($12.90 per month) or the MINI plan ($12.90 per month). This will display a tiny Webnode advertisement, but you can use your domain name.

What they could improve on: No shares and likes widget for social media platforms. You can’t add additional features to the blog because there isn’t a Webnode App Store.

How much does Webnode cost? The Standard plan starts at $12.90 and allows you to remove ads. Here’s the complete Webnode pricing review.

www.webnode.com Free Trial

Tithe.ly The All-In-One Church Site Builder

Tithe.ly, a platform that helps churches go digital, is fully dedicated to assisting them in supporting their communities. It is currently used by around 25,000 churches in over 50 countries. The platform supports more than 8 currencies (US dollars being one).

This is great news for churches. Tithe.ly was explicitly created to help churches build their websites. It’s more than a website builder. You can also create an app for church (there is a different plan), collect donations, and manage and organize events. They have beautiful responsive templates.

What they could improve. Creating an account with them takes some time. You will need to enter your bank details and upload a photo ID. This is not perfect for those who want to create a website for their church quickly. The free plan does not include the creation of a website.

What is the cost of Tithe.ly sites? You will need to add a website to your Tithe.ly account for $19 per month and a $149 setup fee. This is not the most affordable option.

> Tithe.ly to get for free

Weebly is the Easiest Way to Use

Our full review of Weebly reveals that this website builder may be the easiest. This is great ups for those who don’t have much technical knowledge and those who want something simple, quick, and with excellent results. You can see how it works in this video:

It’s perfect for churches! Its ease of use is the most crucial benefit. Wix doesn’t allow you as much control over your template design. It’s a great relief for some users. While you can tweak the basics, you don’t need to worry about affecting the site structure.

You’ll find all the needed features, including team management, membership areas, and event and calendar creation. And all of them are responsive templates that work well on all devices.

What they could improve on: No template can be used for churches. You will need to use general templates for business if you want more options. Wix has a lot more apps than Wix. They also have fewer new features.

What is the cost of Weebly? The Pro plan costs $12 for all the features, including membership pages. Our pricing breakdown on Weebly is here.

Free Trial at www.weebly.com

Honorable Mentions – Jimdo, IONOS, and Strikingly

Because they lack enough features specific to churches, I won’t be going into detail about the following three website builders. Each has Pros and Cons, that you should consider during your research phase.

Jimdo, for instance, is a tremendous website-building tool that scores extra points because of its simplicity and affordability. This compromise requires some work to embed a Google Calendar or implement a newsletter integration. You’ll need to modify one of the few templates specifically designed for churches.

What is the cost of Jimdo? Jimdo Pro costs only $11 monthly and has no ads or an online store. Jimdo Business costs $22 and allows you to sell products. Here is a price comparison.

IONOS could be another option for churches. This is mainly due to their website personalization tool. It allows you to send specific messages to visitors based on their location or time of the day. Multilingual options are great for reaching a global audience. You can also customize the church themes to adapt to mobile devices.

What is the cost of IONOS? It’s a good deal price-wise, starting at $10 per multilingual website. You can also add an online shop for $20

Finally, Strikingly is here. This design stands out because of its single-page layouts. It has some SEO implications, but it is a visually appealing and responsive design. You can find inspiration in the section of their template library.

What is the cost of Strikingly? The Pro version costs $8 monthly and allows you to password-protect your pages.

Conclusion: Which is the Best Church Website Builder for You?

You could even say that Nucleus has the only church website builder. Nucleus has unique features that other website builders should have, including the ability to accept donations and manage audio sermons.

It’s not difficult for most website builders to do this, and often with better designs. Take this example:

  • The most extensive selection of templates: Wix provides the best. The App Store is the best website builder, making it a great all-rounder.
  • A more affordable plan is Webnode or Weebly.
  • A multilingual church website should use Webnode or Duda.

That’s all! I hope that you find the right website builder to fit your church. We would love to hear about your experiences. Comments? Could you send us a message below?

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