Find the best website builder for Musicians. Promote your music and sell merchandise.

Find the best website builder for Musicians. Promote your music and sell merchandise.

I am not musically gifted. Even though I went to music school for about 5 years every other afternoon, I suck at it big time.

At the end of the day, they (politely) removed me from the premises.

My sister was, however, fairly proficient at music. She became an excellent professional violinist with all kinds of gadgets (e.g., electronic violin) to make electronic music.

One day she asked me whether I could help her develop her website.

I agreed and began researching the best website builders for musicians and the things my sister’s website required to succeed.

In this article, I’ll share all of this knowledge for you to use, and you will also know how to make an online website for your music or band.

What Are the Best Website Builders for Musicians?

There are hundreds (perhaps maybe even hundreds) of website builders there. What are the top websites for bands, musicians, DJs, DJs, and even organizers of gigs? Here is my list:

  1. Wix
  2. Bandzoogle
  3. Squarespace
  4. Format
  5. Weebly
  6. WordPress

Do I Even Need a Website?

If you’re reading this article, there are probably several reasons to start your site. Let me give you a few more in case you require a bit more convincing:

  • Make an image. Your website allows you to create your brand image and image as you wish. Yes, you can make Facebook or SoundCloud websites. However, they are limited to the features they allow.
  • Increased exposure Over 55 percent of the world’s population has access to the internet. Perhaps not all will be able to find your music because of your website. However, I’m not saying they won’t.
  • Promoting your coming shows is one of the simplest (and most efficient) methods to let your fans know when you are scheduled to perform the next.
  • Schedule gigs A website is an excellent method for event planners to get in touch with you and convince the chance to work with them.
  • Create an online community. You might have accounts on different social media platforms (Instagram, SoundCloud, etc.). A website is a fantastic way to turn the followers into loyal audiences.
  • Create extra cash to sell t-shirts to fund your next tour or mugs that feature the lyrics of your best songs or even your music on the internet. Nirvana, as well as the Beatles, keep selling merchandise online.
  • Get started for no cost. There are plenty of good free websites builder that are available. Although relying on an advertisement-based free website isn’t the optimal solution for a long time, there’s no reason not to begin today, regardless of whether you’re financially strapped.

An example… Design an online band website that resembles the rockstars: from U2 to U3

From choosing a template to making pages and adding media to going live. It is also possible to add features such as an event calendar or polling widget on your website.

Check out this short video on how the U3’s Website (U2 inspiring) was built in less than 40 minutes with Wix:

Naturally, I in no way encourage you to copy websites of others (or famous rock groups’) web pages; rather, try to recreate a site you like. Then, you can replace the elements using your ideas.

This is a great way to gain two benefits. The act of “doing” will stimulate you to start thinking about your ideas and could provide you with different methods of incorporating elements into your web page.

Top 6 Site Builders for Musicians

It doesn’t matter if you’re U2 to enjoy the benefits of having a website for your group. It’s among the most effective ways to present your music to your existing (and future) customers. Since your primary job keeps you busy, you’ll require an application that’s quick and easy to update.

Wix Music – your band’s “all-in-one package.”

Wix is, in the end, the most popular web-based builder available. It’s an absolute giant with over 150 million users and over 3,000 employees. Their method of designing is distinctive in that few website builders are equipped with this kind of flexibility (as you’ll see in the video that I posted on U3).

The greatest benefit for musicians and bands can be the fact that Wix Music lets you advertise and sell music easily; selling gig tickets and merchandise is feasible too. It is also integrated with various music stores and streaming services (e.g., Spotify, iTunes, etc.). Naturally, you may also announce events coming up on your website.

In addition, you’ll be in a position to contact your followers via email using the built-in newsletter program. It also has a variety of stylish templates for bands, musicians, as well as DJs.

website builder for Musicians

Wix Pricing

Although they offer a totally free plan, you’ll need to pay about $15 per month on this combo plan for an unadvertised experience. Remember that only 3GB of storage space could quickly become full when you upload many images and music files. If you compare it to other web builders on this listing, you’ll notice that Wix costs a premium price for their service.

If you want more storage and video hours, it’s recommended to go with the Unlimited program as the best option for more video and storage space. The cost is $29 per month.

To sell merch and accept online payment, you’ll need to move your plan to a Basic business plan for $34 per month, which comes with an online store.

Wix also gives you a domain name at no cost for a year. Then, you’ll be charged approximately $15-20 per year.

Wix Pros and Cons for Musicians

What I love about Wix The Wix website builder is as it is known, there is no other builder of websites that offers more designs (over 500). Wix has various options (e.g., membership websites) and an enormous App Market that includes hundreds of additional apps you can incorporate into your site (e.g., the music player from Spotify). I like their restore and backup functions as they are helpful when you accidentally delete content. The creativity and freedom Wix gives you are unparalleled.

What can they enhance? The idea is that it would be great to be able to change your theme to a new one without losing your content. The design of your mobile site might require some additional work to look as you’d like it to. Wix isn’t the lowest-cost site builder. However, you’ll be able to get a decent price.

Free trial available at

Bandzoogle is the music expert.

The company was established in Canada in 2003. The company currently has more than 20 employees and hosts more than a thousand websites. What makes them unique is that they’re solely focused on creating websites for musicians as well as musicians. Their primary, and perhaps sole, focus is on the world of music.

website builder for Musicians

It has modern and responsive designs that look great on any device, and even though its list of features isn’t the biggest, they’ve got everything DJs, musicians, and bands need.

Bandzoogle Pricing

In contrast to Wix or Weebly, They don’t have an unlimited plan. However, you can try their services for 30 days, which is more than enough to determine whether you’re satisfied with them.

Paid plans begin at $8.29 per month, with the basic plan restricted to 10 pages; however, it permits you to sell music downloads (commission-free).

If you’re looking to create larger websites and offer subscriptions and merch, You’ll be looking at $12.46 per month on the Bandzoogle Standard Plan.

For access to all the features, including selling tickets and tip jars and a tip jar, it’s recommended that the Professional plan is the best option. It’s $16.63 / month.

Bandzoogle Pros and Cons

What I love about Bandzoogle It lets you add your music tracks to Bandzoogle, promote your music online, and integrate it into your Bandcamp player on your Instagram feed or Bandsintown events. Selling tickets to events (e.g., performances) is also feasible. A free domain name is available with all of their plans. They don’t limit how much amount of traffic your website can receive (bandwidth).

What they could do to improve What they could improve: I must admit this: their editors aren’t particularly flexible, as it only works with pre-defined layouts (e.g., 1 column, 2 columns, etc.). I don’t think their backend to be the most user-friendly, but after just a few hours, you’ll be fine. If you don’t choose the most expensive plan, you’ll be limited to images, pages, and songs you can upload.

Free trial on

Squarespace is the one place that the creatives have to

Established in 2003, this company is based in New York and employs approximately 1000 employees, and millions of websites have been built on its platform. Like Wix, Squarespace is known for its daring and innovative advertising campaigns (e.g., Super Bowl Commercials).

Like Bandzoogle and Wix, it has a built-in method to upload your tracks and even sell them on the internet and sell tickets. Embedding Spotify playlists (and similar services) can be accomplished by using the embed blocks.

Squarespace Pricing

Like Bandzoogle, Squarespace also doesn’t offer a free plan. The most affordable plan is 14 bucks per month and is known as Personal, which comes with unlimited storage. It also comes with a Bandsintown integration.

To sell your products, you must sign up for the Business plan at $14/month. But be aware that Squarespace has a transaction cost.

To avoid the Squarespace transaction cost, you may upgrade your account to the Basic Commerce program ($27), which includes various additional e-commerce features.

A domain name you can customize is free at the beginning of the year.

What I love about Squarespace The company has some visually striking designs for musicians which are mobile-responsive, too. All plans come with unlimited bandwidth and storage. Includes a variety of useful tools for musicians, such as the audio player Bandsintown connectivity, as well as a mailing tool.

What they can improve The HTML0 method of working is too complicated. Please make sure you are mindful that they are based on professional photographs, so be sure you’re using images that meet the standards to stay in the line up with the fashion. Their pricing is generally affordable; however, some plans charge transaction charges, i.e., they get a percentage of your revenue. Overall, they don’t offer as many options in the world of music as Wix and Bandzoogle.

Free trial available at

Weebly is a great site with a lot of ease of use.

2007, the company was founded in 2007 San Francisco; Weebly has more than 50 million users. They’re among the easiest website builders to work with due to their systematic approach to designing websites.

Weebly is a different option for creating your band’s website. The Professional package ($12 for a month) comes with a customized music player. Selling your merchandise and songs is simple by using their online marketplace. The designs of Weebly are sleek too. However, you can’t duplicate U2’s website (or any other site in any case) in the same way as in the video.

What I love about Weebly is that The drag and drop builders are simple to use. I believe no other website builder is as easy to use. They offer flexible templates that can be adapted for any device (e.g., smartphones). A majority of their plans offer unlimitable storage capacity and bandwidth. You can Upload as many tracks as you want. It’s also a reasonably priced web-based website builder.

What could they enhance some plans: You will receive a percentage of the sales (3 percent) and restrict the number of products you can sell. The plan doesn’t include templates for bands or music, and it doesn’t have any special features specifically designed for music lovers (e.g., an integrated connection to Spotify).

>> Explore Weebly at no cost

Format – Small but inexpensive is based in Toronto and, with only 30 employees, they’re one of the smallest fish available. But, they’ve managed to identify their niche. They’re focussed on the creation of portfolios on the internet.

With a focus on musicians and portfolios, it’s normal to see Format offers attractive designs. Please take note that they’re an excellent option for building music portfolios. However, the website builder does not have advanced features for music-related purposes (e.g., iTunes integration or applications to manage events).

What I love about Format The modern-looking templates, as well as being responsive, are a great advantage for their customers. The paid subscription plan is reasonable, beginning at just $7 per month.

What they could do to improve It is limited in design freedom since the blocks’ components are pre-designed layouts. They don’t contain many elements. You’re restricted to text, image forms, and additional. It isn’t possible to directly upload your music into Format. You’ll have to embed your tracks using an external service (e.g., SoundCloud).

Free trial: (Get 10% off using voucher code START10)

WordPress is the geeky answer.

WordPress was first designed as a blogging platform but quickly transformed into an all-purpose CMS. For some, it’s become the most popular website choice. It is the main reason for around 60% of the websites.

While WordPress isn’t a web-based website builder by itself, I’ve included it on this list since it’s extremely popular and is a fantastic option for those who are more technologically adept.

When you install WordPress, you won’t find any relevant features for musicians. There are, however, thousands of different templates (e.g., on ThemeForest) and plugins that will transform your WordPress installation into a fully-armed website that can be used by your band your music. is distinct from the other sites, and you’ll require a host (e.g., SiteGround) to enable it. It’s also more technological, so be prepared to do some housekeeping frequently (e.g., Manual updates).

Note I built my sister’s website using WordPress since I already had a hosting service as well as some WordPress know-how. However, every time she has to make changes, I receive a sour phone call from her saying it’s too hard.

Learn information about WordPress

How to Get Traffic to Your Website?

A website is an excellent way to get your music noticed. But there are a couple of other ways to market your music online and attract more fans:

  • Web-based contests There are many online music contests you can take part in. They usually promote the bands who participate in the contest through their social media platforms, blogs on their websites, and paid advertisements.
  • Outreach The idea is simple, locate an individual with a large fan base in your particular music niche (e.g., influencers, bloggers, playlist creators, etc.) and inform them that you are a musician. They must promote your music to their fans.
  • Social media The presence of (relevant) profiles on various social media accounts can be a useful method of engaging with your audience and turning them into loyal customers. Beyond the major fish (e.g., Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram), There are other channels worth exploring. You can try Reddit (/r/Music), Bandsintown, or Last. FM, for instance.
  • Some services let you stream your songs online to ensure that people can listen to the music. They have millions of users, and you may be able to get a larger audience. Some streaming services include Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and Pandora.
  • Pay-per-click, The majority of the platforms mentioned previously permit you to make advertisements. If you have the money for it, paid advertising campaigns can be a great method to reach new listeners interested in your music.
  • SEO: If you can optimize your site to appear on search results with appropriate keywords (e.g., “new age artists”), You can enjoy an ongoing flow of new users each week.
  • Marketing through content creates pieces that compliment your music to make your audience inclined to spread these with friends. This includes, for instance, making beautiful music videos or animated videos. If you’re a DIY type, you don’t require a budget.

What Pages Will Your Music Site Need?

Of course, there’s a chance that you’re somewhat confused by the structure of your website. What section do you require? Which pages should you include?

Let me look over the most relevant pages on websites for music and bands contain.

  • Homepage, Each website, is home to a homepage, and that includes musician and band websites, too. What you decide to do with it can be a little personal. Some contain information about upcoming concerts, while others feature videos of their performances or performances, etc. You can choose.
  • Events and tours You’ll like to announce the upcoming shows you’ll be performing so your fans know when they can visit you in the near future. In addition to the venue and the date and time, It’s important to provide information about how to purchase tickets.
  • Webstore I’m certain some bands make a lot of cash selling their merchandise online. An online store can allow you to sell songs online, as well as tickets to your next shows.
  • About or Bio Each fan would like to learn more about who you are. So having a warm and enjoyable section explaining how you came to be here and what you’re planning to do next is a huge plus.
  • Videos and galleries A few artists and bands are known to share photos and videos from their previous shows so that people can get a sense of what they can expect from live shows.
  • Albums and songs Albums and songs you’ll likely want to display your music. For instance, you could allow your fans to listen to your album using the player on Spotify.
  • Contact If you aren’t keen on posting your email address on your website, then you can create a contact form to ensure that visitors to your site can contact you. One option is an independent record label.

There aren’t any set rules for what pages to include. The preceding pages are the most popular pages with musicians and bands. Perhaps you’d want to express your opinions via a blog or perhaps have the option of a press section.

Final Thoughts About the Best Website Builders for Musicians

As we’ve observed, there’s an abundance of options for creating websites for bands. Some are simpler to use than others; however, with a little effort, you’ll be able to start your site’s music in just a few hours.

Let me summarize and explain what I think about the following providers:

  • If you’re looking for ease of use, I’d suggest the following:  Wix and Weebly are the best options.
  • The most effective solutions for music (e.g., ticket sales) are offered through WixSquarespace, and Bandzoogle.
  • Wix and Weebly provide the most comprehensive free plan.
  • Personally, I like Squarespace as well as Wix’s designs as the most stylish.

I hope that you will find this tutorial on the creation of music websites helpful. Should you need help or have concerns write a comment below, and I’ll be sure to assist you.

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