Do I Need Wix Ascend for My Website?

ascend by wix

You’ve likely seen the name ascend By Wix‘ pop up more often if you’re a Wix user.

If that is the case,you may have two questions:

  1. What is “Ascend By Wix”?
  2. Am I going to use it?

You’re not wrong if you are confused. I was confused because I spent almost every day answering Wix questions.

It’s challenging to define Wix Ascend because it includes so many features that you might need some and not others.

This guide is intended for that purpose. It will explain what is included, the cost, and whether there are better options.

By the end, you’ll know if Ascend by Wix should be a part of your site or something you can live with.

Let’s get to it!

What’s Ascend by Wix?

Ascend by Wix ( learn more about Wix ) is an optional collection of add-on tools to a Wix site ( ). It includes:

  • Online marketing tools like email marketing, automation and online forms, social media posts, video maker, SEO tools, and social posts
  • Customer support tools like online chat and inbox
  • Customer management tools like a basic CRM
  • Sales tools like price quotes, invoices, and coupons
  • Organizational Tools like reminders and tasks
  • Marketing Integrations With 3rd Party Apps Like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and Google Ads

This tool is designed to assist small business owners in a few ways: a) improve their Wix website; b) centralize key business processes through Wix.

It all sounds fantastic on paper, as you can see. How does it all work in real life?

Let’s watch it in action in this video:

This video shows how Ascend By Wix can be used for an eCommerce shop. However, it is also helpful for other businesses such as a beauty salon, real estate agencies or yoga studios looking to capture leads online. Imagine using:

  • SEO Tools will help you optimize and rank your website for Google
  • Social posts to attract visitors to your website and an informative video to explain your business on your homepage
  • Use the chat tool to start a conversation on the site with visitors browsing.
  • Online forms allow visitors to request a Price Quote (which can be generated via Wix and sent to them).
  • Email-marketing To send coupons and other offers, as well as automation To nurture prospects who haven’t yet made a purchase.
  • Invoices that can be sent to customers once you have made a sale
  • All messages, emails, and communications sent to the customer by/to Wix will be visible in the Wix inbox and the contact’s record within your CRM. This is useful for maintaining long-term customer relationships.

I could go on and on, but the point is that Ascend can be powerful. Many live Wix websites already use at least some of its features (see the list of Wix examples here). It’s incredible how serious Wix is about making it a core product.

Now, let’s move on to the next question.

What does Ascend By Wix cost?

Ascend adds an extra cost to your annual/monthly Wix subscription. It is confusing because many Wix templates include a free copy of Ascend by Wix.

You might be using Ascend already, even if you don’t know it. For example, the SEO Wiz – once a particular feature – is now included in the Ascend by Wix free plan.

You may get by with the free version, which has many features. If you feel you require more, you can upgrade to the Ascend plan.

Here’s a fast overview of the features included in the free and paid plans.





Displays Ascend branding





SEO Tools





Email marketing

3 campaigns / month (up to 5,000 emails, with Ascend branding)

5 campaigns / month (up to 9,500 emails) – no Ascend branding

20 campaigns / month (up to 50,000 emails)

Unlimited email campaigns (up to 1 million emails)

Customizable forms

5 (limited features)






7 (up to 2 follow-up actions per automation)

20 (up to 10 follow-up actions per automation)

Unlimited (up to 10 follow-up actions per automation)


Yes, with Ascend branding

Yes, without Ascend branding

Social posts

3 / month




Videos created with Video Maker





Price quotes

Yes (with Ascend logo)

Yes (without Ascend logo)

Collect recurring payment plans with invoices

5 (invoices display Ascend logo)

5 (no Ascend logo)



Accept payment via chat and forms





Contact manager / CRM





Tasks and reminders





Assign tasks and contacts to other contributors



Yes, up to 5 contributors

Yes, unlimited contributors






*An annual plan can be purchased to get 24% off

If you are interested in learning more about Ascend, the Free plan can be a good starting point. The Basic plan can be reasonably priced for those who find the Free plan too restrictive.

The Professional plan is the most expensive. Although Wix is an excellent tool for managing your online marketing, we don’t think it’s worth the cost.

Many more powerful and affordable email marketing tools, automation, live chat, and CRM tools exist. Many integrate with Wix, so if you aren’t afraid to do some extra setup work, there may not be many benefits in having them all included within Wix Ascend.

It’s essential to fully understand the workings of each tool in Wix Ascend before you make a decision. Let’s now take a look at some of the key features.

Wix Tools: Our review


Wix Ascend

Ascend By Wix’s CRM (customer relationship manager) is the heart. It connects all the solutions. It can be accessed from your dashboard’s ‘Customer Management” option.

This is where all your contacts (customers and partners, site members, etc.) will be stored. You can create custom fields and assign labels to group/categorize contacts. You can also add reminders, notes, tasks, and tasks. It’s also possible to send emails directly from the CRM.

Wix Ascend

You can also access an additional section called “Inbox,” which allows you to view all of your emails ,chat messages, and any form submissions. You can even integrate with Facebook chat.

You can create workflows from this area. These are similar to the Salesforce opportunity stages or the Trello cards. You can edit the stage names and create workflows using templates for other business processes (hiring, helpdesk tickets, projects, etc.

The CRM is where you can also create automation. We’ll get into that a bit later.

How does the CRM stack up against other well-known tools? The Wix CRM’s functionality is somewhat less than other tools. Although it is unlikely you will need to manage large sales teams or complex pipelines in the future, Wix CRM has much more functionality than you might expect. Zoho and Hubspot are better alternatives. They even offer free plans, so it’s worth checking them out.

Wix CRM is an ideal solution if you just need a way to keep in touch with your contacts.

Wix Chat

The Inbox contains Wix’s chat feature. You can:

  • You can adjust the design of the chat window (colors, fonts, etc.) and its placement (bottom left or bottom right).
  • If you want to gather information about your customer before they arrive, activate a pre-chat button
  • Determine the sender information you should show, e.g., The company name, chat agent name or no sender information

Upgrade to Ascend to get the additional benefit of scheduling visitor chat hours.

It’s a simple, elegant tool that fits nicely into your Wix site. You can get more advanced features with JivoChat or Olark for free.

Wix Email Marketing

Wix’s Email Marketing Solution allows you to send emails to customers and subscribers, all of which can be saved within the Wix CRM. It’s simple to use, with a few responsive templates and an easy drag-and-drop editor.

Other features include essential personalization and list-based segmentation. A mobile preview is available. You can also schedule emails. Standard reporting (opens, clicks bounces) is also available.

Advanced features like A/B testing, spam and design testing, or click heat maps won’t be available. These advanced features are unavailable, so you may want to look into other options. Here’s a list of free email marketing services you can integrate with Wix via embedded HTML.

Wix Email Marketing may be sufficient if you only need to send out a newsletter once a month or occasional promotional emails. The free Ascend by Wix plan allows you to send up to three Ascend-branded emails and 5,000 emails per calendar month. This is enough if you are just starting.


When I think automation, I envision multi-step, workflow-based campaigns that communicate with prospects/customers when they take (or not take) a particular action. Wix’s Automations function is a simple but helpful version. You can either use its existing templates or create your own.

Triggers, which is a customer actions, are what initiate automation. As you can see, Wix has quite a few triggers you can use from its Ascend suite. When a contact fills out a form, submits a booking, fails payment of an invoice or just visits your site:

The next step is to choose from various follow-up actions, such as sending an email, initiating a chat conversation or even triggering an action in a third-party app (via Zapier or webhooks). You can then choose from various follow-up actions, such as sending an email or initiating a conversation.

However, there are some limitations:

  • Depending on your plan, the number of follow-up actions you can create within automation is limited. For instance, the lowest programs allow only two follow-up actions per automaton.
  • The workflows are single-sequence campaigns. You can’t branch out into other paths (e.g., If a contact does not take action, they won’t let you branch out into different directions. This is something more advanced automation tools such as Sendinblue and MailerLite can do.
  • Segmentation rules cannot trigger an automation (e.g., sending a campaign to contacts with the label ‘New customer” assigned to them).
  • Advanced rules and logic are impossible (e.g., If contacts have been through an automated before, you can’t exclude them from the automation.

However, it is essential to have your automation tightly integrated into your website. This can make a significant difference in how your business runs. This feature is approved for simple but essential automation.

Wix Formulas

This can be found under the “Customer Management” menu under “Form Submissions.” This app is the same as Wix Forms and payment. It does precisely what its name implies – You’ll be able to create forms and receive payments from customers.

You can choose many templates depending on what type of form you wish to create—contact forms, subscriptions, payment forms, etc. Modern and fresh, the designs can be modified as needed. This includes the ability to add custom fields and make fields optional or mandatory.

There is no limit to the number of fields you can add to your forms. There are limits to the number of forms that you can create. You can make up to 5 forms with the free plan, while the Basic plan allows you to create 10. This is likely to be enough for most people.

Wix Video Maker

Wix Video Maker is an innovative feature in the Ascend suite. It forms part of their ‘Marketing and SEO’ offering. It’s an effective way to create a promo video for your company. You can quickly and easily create a quick clip with video/images (available to upload or select from Wix’s stock galleries), text and music. You can download templates and formats to share on Facebook or Instagram.

The Video Maker can be used for product demos, company introductions, explainer videos and other purposes. You can create up to four videos with the free plan, so you have plenty of options to make your mini-masterpiece. Your videos can be shared on Facebook, uploaded to YouTube or downloaded to your computer.

Are you finding this too simplistic? Check out our video maker list for more options.

SEO Resources

Wix is proud of its commitment to improving its SEO offerings. Wix is constantly enhancing its SEO offerings to assist new and experienced website owners.

This includes the following feature set.

  • SEO Wiz – An auto-generated SEO plan which guides you through optimizing your website, step by step – it’s pretty basic.
  • SEO Patterns – This allows you to modify the SEO headings, descriptions and URLs on your website, so they follow a consistent pattern. You can also add structured data (as well as advanced SEO tags).
  • URL Manager – This allows you to create 301 redirects on your site
  • Sitemap– Wix lets you view and submit your sitemap to Google directly
  • Robots.txt – To tell search engines which pages you want to be crawled and which you want to ignore.

This toolkit is a good choice for anyone who wants to rank in Google search results. It also shows how Wix’s SEO has improved from its earlier days. It’s great to know that Wix’s SEO tools are free. You don’t even need a paid Ascend plan or a Wix subscription to access them.

Wix Invoices

Let’s change gears and quickly look at Ascend’s finance tools, precisely the Invoices solution.

Although it is not an accounting program that can replace your current software, Wix Invoices has some advantages. You can:

  • Edit your invoice template, plus create multiple templates
  • Wix allows you to send your invoices directly by email.
  • Collect single payments
  • You can set up recurring payments (up to 5 for Basic and Free plans; unlimited for Professional and Unlimited plans).

Wix Invoices, which can be combined with the Price Quotes feature and converted into an invoice after a customer accepts it, is a handy solution to handle business payments.

You will not be able to collect online payments from customers if your website is set up on a paid subscription.

Last Thoughts on Ascend by Wix

We have covered the essential tools in Ascend. While it’s not an exhaustive list, it should be enough to help you decide if you need it.

While Ascend offers many different tools, I feel that the majority of them are not feature-rich enough to justify the higher-level pricing. While I love the ease of access to everything within Wix, some features are difficult to find. For example, the Chat tool is hidden in the Inbox. It’s easy for parts to get lost, especially with Wix expanding its Ascend suite.

The Free plan is excellent. Even the Basic plan is a good value if your goal is to send emails or set up too many forms or automation.

Is it worth the effort? However, suppose you find yourself quickly frustrated by the limitations of the Basic or Free plans. In that case, I recommend looking into other customer management, marketing, and finance tools that could complement your Wix website.

Try Ascend By Wix to get it for free.

Did you find Ascend by Wix helpful? We’d like to hear your comments in the comments section below!

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