The best SERP Tracking in 2022: My Top 10 Favorite rank trackers

The best SERP Tracking in 2022: My Top 10 Favorite rank trackers

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How can you verify your Google ranking? Enter your keyword into Google, count the results, and add your rank to an excel spreadsheet?

It’s not ideal, particularly in the case of tracking the use of a more significant number of keywords.

These are the keywords that SERP trackers have been created for. Simply type in all the keywords you’d like to track, and the tool will follow them automatically for you. SERP, as it happens, is a reference to the Search Engine Results Page.

At Tooltester24, we’ve been using various options: SE RankingAccuRanker, Serpwatch, Morningscore, and Serpstat. We have also utilized the ProRankTracker. Although writing this blog post could take me approximately 10 hours, the idea has been developing for several years.

This is why I thought it might be helpful to many people like me to write down my thoughts on what I find appealing and disdain about these search engine rank trackers. Since ranking tracking can be expensive either, we’ll review the prices and see the most attractive bargains you can find.

The 10 Top SERP Trackers

Let’s look at 10 rank trackers to determine the most suitable for your needs.

1. SE Ranking

The Ukrainian company provides SERP tracking tools at affordable prices. If you have enough keywords of 250 and you’re happy with regular updates for your site, you can get for as little to $23.40 per month for SE Ranking. What is it that it offers?

A lot.

As well as the rank tracker, you also get many other tools like website audit and backlink monitoring and checking, and it will also develop your marketing plan. I love that. In addition to Google ranks (obviously), you can also track YouTube rankings and Bing, Yandex, and Yahoo. According to their website, they have over 300,000. Users are one of the most powerful SEO tools on the market.

SE Ranking Pricing

Essential: 250 keywords: $39 (daily updates), $31.20 (every 3 days), $23.40 (weekly)

Pro: 500 keywords: $54 (daily updates), $43.20 (every 3 days), $32.40 (weekly)

Business: 1000 keywords: $89 (daily updates), $71.20 (every 3 days), $53.40 (weekly)

Monthly plans. Discounts as much as 20% on annual plans.


What I like about Its screens is that they are nicely designed and provide you with a fascinating historical overview of ranking (including the most impressive rating you’ve ever received). Pricing is versatile and reasonable. They also monitor Google SERP features such as the highlighted short snippet. There’s even an option to track SERPs on mobile devices. Additional features, such as the backlink audit feature and website monitoring, is helpful if you need it. Support is generally responsive. There are tags and folders that can be used to organize your keywords.

What could they do to improve your reports? It is often necessary to make lots of clicks. Sometimes, there are minor glitches in the system that aren’t permanently fixed promptly.

Who is it for? Small and independent businesses and freelancers require a low-cost tool that is a little more than just a SERP rank tracking software. It’s among the top rank tracker tools on the market.

Rating: 4.5/5

> > Try it for 14 days for no cost:

2. AccuRanker

AccuRanker originates out of Denmark. It claims that they are the world’s fastest and most precise rank tracker. What exactly is fast? AccuRanker lets you request a fresh update of your ranking data anytime you want to. The update is relatively quick! It is compatible with Google, Bing, Youtube, Yandex, and Baidu.

I’m using AccuRanker to access the English ranking information of Tooltester because I like to keep track of my keywords (almost) every day to be able to respond to significant changes. I am very impressed by the simple navigation and user-friendly interfaces, which allow me to access the information I require in a flash. YouTube track works exceptionally well, much better than other tools I’ve used.

You can also create segments, filter them for particular SERP features, and export the information. As with the other rank trackers, that’s what you’ll find in this post; AccuRanker will show you the search volume for every keyword. If you are working with clients, it allows users to send automated ranking reports using your logo.

AccuRanker Pricing:

1000 keywords: $99

1500 keywords: $144

2000 keywords: $189

3000 keywords: $279

Keywords kept up to date daily. Monthly plans. You can save up to 10% when you sign up for the yearly plan.

AccuRanker Screenshots:

What I love about HTML0 I like about HTML0: Their sleek Scandinavian style is pleasant to use. It lets you know if you are ranked in the featured excerpt (so-called “position zero”) and covers the other essential Google features (related questions, website links as well as whether or not there are ads or not, etc.). It allows you to label and mark the most important keywords you have and obviously, it’s lovely to be able to request a refresh whenever I’m feeling like. You can also include as many domains as you would like.

What should they improve The following is a suggestion: It is nice to view the evolution of rankings on the top of the page, as is the case with other SERP trackers (instead of clicking on the details lookup of keywords). The plans should include less than 1000 keywords since the restriction is highly costly. I also would prefer emails that let you view the results directly in the email and not when you open the attached files (PDF, XLS, etc. ).

Who is it intended for? Store owners, brands, and agencies that require reliable and fast ranking data such as competitor monitoring and other items like historical data and API access.

Rating: 4.5/5

> > Try for 14 days no cost:

3. Nightwatch

Then In the past, the Nightwatch film (starring Ewan McGregor) received mixed reviews. What are ranking trackers?

The first thing you’ll be able to notice is that everything you see on their site is black. They seem to like dark-mode. It’s also set as default on their app for the web. Although I love it too, I decided to turn off quite quickly. The reason for this is that the interface is a bit crowded as well as the fonts tiny. The fact that everything is black and white does not make it easy to read.

Also, you’ll notice that this Slovenian company has very low-cost plans compared to its competitors. With discounts up to 40 percent, the program is notably inexpensive when you sign up for the annual plan.

Regarding features, they provide backlink monitoring, site audits, competitor monitoring, and API access. It’s a pretty comprehensive product.

Nightwatch Price

500 keywords: $39/month

1000 keywords: $99/month

5000 keywords: $369/month

Keyword data is updated every day. Monthly plans. Discounts of up to 40% on longer-term projects.

Nightwatch Screenshots

What I love about HTML0 The plans for the year are priced very competitively for keywords that are updated daily. Rank tracking is accompanied by details such as Featured Snippets and Knowledge Panels, Local Packs and more. Nightwatch is not the only one to offer YouTube but also tracking of DuckDuckGo. Notes can be added to your account. These will be displayed on the graphs of ranking just like notes function are handled in Google Analytics. The daily, weekly or even monthly rankings updates by email are pretty good also!

They need to improve the help section isn’t equipped with an option to search. Although they provide Live chat support, I did not always receive a response within a few minutes. If you require more than 1,000 keywords, you’ll notice that your expenses increase dramatically.

Who can it be used for? Agencies who need fast and precise ranking information for their clients at reasonable costs.

Rating: 4/5

Try it for no cost:

4. Wincher

Another contender is from Scandinavia. Wincher is manufactured in Sweden and is known for its minimalist style. The good thing is that their pricing is minimalist. 500 keywords and daily updates cost just EUR29 per month (around $34) ).

They currently only monitor Google, therefore, if you’re searching for other search engines, consider looking at alternatives. The tables of ranking are well-organized and include all essential details. Columns are also able to be completely customizable. It also lets you know what SERP features relate to your keyword and whether your site’s website appears in all of them.

Utilizing the Pages tool, you can spot weaknesses inside your material. It’s okay. Still, it does not consider synonyms in the same way that Google does. However, it could help specifically.

Price of Wincher:

500 keywords: EUR29

1000 keywords: EUR59

2000 keywords: EUR99

Keyword data is updated every day. Monthly plans. You can enjoy 2 months of free time by signing up for a year-long project.

Wincher Screenshots

What I love about HTML0 This tool is well-designed and allows you to evaluate your website against your competition. The prices are among the lowest prices in the business due to the wide range of features, including tracking all the exclusive Google tools (Featured Snippets, for instance.). Keyword research tools appear to be very helpful because it can determine what keywords you’re already ranking for.

What should they improve? The site should also be able to offer rates in USD. In addition, adding other search engines like Bing or Youtube could be beneficial for many users. A few times, I experienced more minor issues when receiving ranking notifications by emails that weren’t showing in the program.

Rating: 4/5

Try Wincher no cost Here (Use discount code WELCOME30 for EUR30 off the first purchase)

5. ProRankTracker (PRT)

ProRankTracker ProRankTracker is one of the initial keywords trackers we used at Tooltester. If you don’t require the most keywords to track, the Israeli company offers a reasonable price at $13.50 to track 100 keywords. There’s a no-cost plan that is adequate for 20 keywords, but it doesn’t provide information on the volume of searches. It also has a tracker for SERPs that works with Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and the most exciting of all … Amazon! This is unique as we’ve not seen any other tracking tool with Amazon tracking. However, that’s not the focus of this piece, to be honest.

We switched to different services because ProRankTracker is a little more complicated than others. The interface has been improved recently. However, there are still many things going on with the way you navigate.

ProRankTracker Pricing:

20 keywords: Free (limited features)

100 keywords: $13.50

500 keywords: $49

1000 keywords: $89

2000 keywords: $129

Up 20% discount on annual plans.

ProRankTracker Screenshots:

What I like about HTML0 is The fact that you can request updates to your ranking manually. Also, you can track the development of your keyword in your main overview, which includes the top wins and losers. This free option is exclusive to rank trackers, and maybe enough for small businesses. I also had positive experiences using their live chat service. Additionally, PRT also features two iOS and Android applications that allow you (or your customers) lookup rankings easily.

What could they do to improve What they should improve: I find the left-hand navigation side overwhelming, and there are a variety of views, and the majority of users will only select one. A quick method to look at the current SERPs for each keyword would be helpful (to accomplish this, it is necessary to alter the way you view it ultimately).

Who’s it intended for? Highly recommended for anyone who needs to track some keywords because it’s free. Amazon sellers are another group that could gain from PRT.

Rating: 3.5/5

• Try ProRankTracker’s no-cost program:


Serpwatch is said to be the “Most advanced rank tracker available to Marketing and Agencies.” While I’m not sure I’d agree with that statement, however, I consider their rank tracker to be pretty good. The features set includes:

  • The management of clients (including the white label option).
  • Local ranking tools.
  • A report builder.
  • Other features.

It’s available for a free trial of 15 days, and prices start at $49/month for monthly subscriptions.

Serpwatch Price:

250 keywords: $49

750 keywords: $99

2500 keywords: $349

Daily updates. A fascinating fact is that you can request multiple daily updates. However, they’ll be removed from the monthly allowance. In the lowest plans, you can get 7500 monthly checks included (250 30), For instance. You can get 5 months of free time when you sign up for an annual plan.

Serpwatch Screenshots

What I love about HTML0:They recently completed a significant overhaul to their interface. It is highly effective. You can get tons of valuable information like the time you rank for the same keyword on various web pages (keyword is cannibalization). The email reports they send are helpful. Still, it is nice to be able to block the emails.

What could they do to improve? There were times I’ve noticed that specific keywords may be a bit “jumpy” (dropping then going back to their original place the next day); however, the rank hasn’t changed when I look it up directly in the SERPs. I also prefer organizing my keywords according to search volume. However there is a tendency to revert to alphabetical sorting. When you reach 250 keywords, it becomes pretty expensive if you do not choose an annual program.

Rating: 3.5/5

7. Serpstat

Serpstat Serpstat is a different competitor from Ukraine. Nearly 100,000 active users do tasks like ranking tracking, keyword research, backlink analysis, and audits of websites. As of the time of writing, they were undergoing an upgrade in pricing, removing the cheap $19 plan for 200 keywords. The most affordable plan will begin at just $69 per 500 words, making it an expensive ranking tracking software. However, to be truthful, Serpstat has grown into something of a mini-Ahrefs, which can do more than just track rank.

Serpstat Pricing

500 keywords: $69/month

2000 keywords: $149/month

Keywords are updated every day. Monthly plans—discounts 20 percent or more on longer-term contracts.

Serpstat Screenshots:

What I like about HTML0 is that no other tool offers an easier way to visualize the evolution of your rankings (see the screenshots). They use graphs and colors to ensure that you can easily track the state of your SEO things (although in specific menus, the volume of information may be too much). You’re also well-informed about what Google features are displayed on the search results page.

What they can improve The same way as a rank-tracker Serpstat is quite expensive. It’s best to go full-time and utilize the tool for as many SEO-related tasks as you can. However, for keyword research, I have found the more sophisticated tools available, such as Ahrefs.

Who can it be used for? Owners of websites and online stores require a complete SEO tool that has a variety of options.

Rating: 3.5/5

Try it for no cost:

8. Mangools SERPWatcher

I’ve heard of Mangools through their clever free tool called KWFinder, which we love to suggest as a possible alternative to Google Keyword Planner or Ahrefs (for those with small budgets). The Slovakian company provides a collection of tools and offers rank monitoring, which is not a surprise. SERPWatcher is the program’s name, and it’s an essential bones thing. With a $49 for 200 keywords, the price is perhaps high for what it’s. It’s only tracking Google results to date.

Mangools Pricing:

200 keywords: $49

700 keywords: $69

1500 keywords: $129

Keyword data is updated every day—discounts of up to 40% on annual plans.

Mangools Screenshots:

What I like about HTML0 The look is one of the best. It’s easy to use thanks to the limited number of options. Since it’s integrated with KWFinder, It’s the best choice for you if you are already using one of the additional Mongools products. They also provide very substantial discounts when you enroll in a year-long plan.

What could they do to improve? Most importantly, it does not show highlighted snippets of content or any other features of Google SERP. There’s no free trial; however, the support team was kind enough to give me one week of free rank monitoring to my account to check the service.

Who is it for? Marketers who require a simple tool and don’t care about the most recent capabilities.

Rating: 3/5

> > Sign in on this page:

9. Morningscore

Like Ukraine, Denmark also is interested in SEO tools: Morningscore is another contender from Europe’s northern. The new startup isn’t advertising itself as a SERP tracker in the traditional sense instead but as an all-in-one SEO tool for novices. Their primary focus is to assign financial worth to your rankings. They do this by calculating the amount you’d need to pay for a website’s traffic with Google AdWords, something other tools also do.

It’s got an excellent health check report that checks for things like broken Alt-tags, missing Alt-tags links, and everything else that could stand against an #1 position. Keyword positions are updated daily, and prices start from $65 to purchase 200 keywords. Morningscore is the only tool that tracks Google Desktop positions so far and seems to be getting their information via various other SEO tools.

Morningscore Price:

200 keywords: $65

500 keywords: $125

2000 keywords: $237

Keyword data is updated every day—discounts of up to 20% on annual plans.

Morningscore Screenshots:

What I like about HTML0 Their style is sleek and modern to see. I also like the dollar value they place on your ranking. Still, I’m not sure what you can get from the data. I discovered the Missions dashboard handy since it allows you to set goals for ranking, which you can then track there. It monitors your progress and gives you a virtual high-five when you’ve reached it.

What could they do to improve? The rank tracker isn’t equipped with lots of options. It does not show any of the Google SERP features (e.g., the featured excerpt), and you don’t know when the update was implemented precisely. If all you require is a rank tracker program, you’ll get a better deal.

Who is it designed for? Marketers and founders who require an easy SEO instrument that does not overload users with information.

Rating: 3/5

• Try for 14 days for no cost:

10. Ahrefs

What’s with Ahrefs, you might be asking? Whenever two or more SEOs begin conversations, it won’t be time before you hear Ahrefs. We are amazed by the tool, and we use it nearly every day. They are an excellent tool for keywords research capabilities and backlink tracking. Yes, they offer rank tracking. However, we’re not employing it. It comes with 1500 keywords for just $179, which isn’t a lot considering the standard in the collection. They update these keywords only every five weeks(!)

Ahrefs isn’t able to provide any kind of daily updates. It’s a shame. Another issue is that keywords don’t seem to be updated simultaneously, and it’s somewhat random. This is why they’re not an excellent choice for ranking monitoring, in my opinion.

Rating Disqualified

Check out the top Rank Trackers using our helpful Table.

Product500 key words2000 KeywordsComments and Rating
SE Ranking

(up to (up to)

Excellent rank tracking plus extra tools (4.5/5). Excellent value and the flexibility of pricing options.
Not available


It’s a great rank tracker. However, it’s expensive (4.5/5)

Not available

Cheap yearly plans, with an excellent report on email (4/5)


Lowest price point, with great features (4/5)


It was not too expensive. However, it is a little clunky. It comes with a no-cost plan (3.5/5)
$49 (250 keywords ) (250)

349$ (up the limit to 2500)

Excellent email reports, excellent interface. An extensive plan can be expensive (3.5/5)


It’s expensive just for the tracking of SERPS (4/5). Excellent search options for keywords.
The cost is too high to track rank, but there are other clever tools. (3/5)
SERPWatcher$69(up to700)$129 (up to 1500)
It’s a bit basic to be rank-tracker (3/5)
Ahrefs$99$179 (up to 1500 keywords)
It is a great SEO tool but not suitable for rank monitoring since it doesn’t update every day.

Last words

Interesting that the SERPS tracking service is something that many smaller European countries have, right? I certainly didn’t anticipate that.

There’s no doubt AccuRanker is indeed my preferred choice in the realm of rank tracking. It’s just a shame their beginning prices are so costly. Although many of the other options provide additional features that might be beneficial to users, AccuRanker is focused just on tracking SERPs and is a highly polished application.

I also am a fan of SERanking because it has many excellent SEO features that I didn’t think I required. For instance, you can decide when your daily updates to keywords are scheduled to occur. This is my first choice in terms of value in terms of price, mainly if you don’t require regular updates.

I believe you’ll be well trying them out. Both of them offer a 14-day no-cost trial.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the tools in the comments!

Recent Updates:

20 Dec 2021: ProRankTracker updated.

19 October 2021, Wincher added.

14 Sep 2021 Serpwatch added.

15 Jun 2021: Smaller updates.

25 August 2020: Nightwatch added.

25 February 2020 AccuRanker canceled all programs with less than 1000 keywords.

06 February 2020 AccuRanker included Youtube, and PRT now supports featured snippets tracking.

06 Aug 2019: Smaller updates.

31 May 2019, Minor modification to SE Ranking.

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