What is BigCommerce?

What is BigCommerce?

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BigCommerce can be described as an online e-commerce platform that offers a cloud-based solution to selling digital and physical products on the internet.

As an eCommerce service, BigCommerce is an “all-in-one” solution, which includes everything you require to create and manage an online store. This includes domain name, hosting for website tools, design tools as well as inventory management and product management payments integration, tax and shipping settings, SEO and marketing tools, and the latest security and performance tools.

As a cloud-based service, BigCommerce uses a ” software as a service” (SaaS) model. This implies that you pay a monthly fee for the software that is accessible through your mobile or computer’s browser device.

A brief background of BigCommerce

BigCommerce was created in 2009 located in Sydney, Australia, by Mitchell Harper and Eddie Machaalani. The same year, they established their first United States office in Austin, Texas. By 2014, they had set up an additional US office which was this time located in San Francisco.

The year 2020 was the time that BigCommerce submitted for IPO and then went public. BigCommerce shares are listed on the NASDAQ Stock Market. The same year the company raked in over 152 million dollars in revenue.

BigCommerce has been listed on the NASDAQ since the year 2020.

Presently, BigCommerce, Inc. is its headquarters in Austin, Texas. It employs more than 600 employees and manages more than 60 000 online stores that generate millions of dollars worth of sales.

Who are BigCommerce’s Customers?

The 60,000 online stores created using BigCommerce have many well-known brands like Ben & Jerry’s, Harvey Nicols, Skullcandy, Sony, Vodafone, and Molton Brown. But, BigCommere also supports many small and medium-sized companies you’ve not even heard of!

Who are BigCommerce’s Competitors?

BigCommerce’s primary competitor as an e-commerce platform is Shopify. It’s because BigCommerce, as well as Shopify both are very close products with identical functionality, market segments, as well as comparable pricing.

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BigCommerce’s primary competitor is Shopify.

Yet, BigCommerce also has other competitors in the ecommerce platform market. Magento, WooCommerce, and Volusion compete with BigCommerce as large-scale store solutions. However, Ecwid, Wix as well as Ecwid can be considered to be competitors for smaller stores.

How does BigCommerce function?

BigCommerce is based using a subscription-based model. It has the four plans of pricing that you can choose from, each of which offers various levels of features for ecommerce. Thus, you choose the plan that best suits your company’s needs and budget and then pay a monthly charge to access the service.

Once you’ve signed up and logged in, you’ll be able to log in to BigCommerce’s website. BigCommerce Website and begin to create an online shop!

BigCommerce store interface. BigCommerce store interface

You can include products individually or import them all at once. Then, you’ll need to design the front-end of your online store with themes from BigCommerce and their drag-and-drop Page Builder. After your account is connected with a credit card processor (so you can take credit cards) and you have created the taxes, shipping, and taxes, you’re good to go!

Connect your online store and domain (which is available directly from BigCommerce or via another domain registration service) and then launch your store and start selling!

Is BigCommerce a CMS?

Yes, BigCommerce can be described as an online store CMS (Content Management System) that allows owners of online stores to design, edit and upload digital material on their websites without the requirement of advanced technical skills.

BigCommerce Page Builder: No need for technical expertise!

Yet, BigCommerce is also much more than a CMS. It’s also a fully equipped e-commerce platform that allows store owners to control each aspect of selling their merchandise online.

What language is BigCommerce written about?

The BigCommerce control panel is built by using React using BigDesign, their very BigDesign component system. ByDesign component framework. However, it is also true that the BigCommerce APIs work with various programming languages, including Python, PHP, Ruby, and JavaScript.

Is BigCommerce open source?

The HTML0 version of BigCommerce isn’t a free source. You won’t have complete access to all the code, and you’re unable to modify or customize the platform to suit the needs of your business. Instead, of payintg a monthly fee for the BigCommerce software for building your online store.

Is BigCommerce legit?

BigCommerce is legit. BigCommerce is a public business with a strong reputation. You can test BigCommerce for no cost for 14 days before you decide to sign up for an exact pricing plan. However, make sure to know that BigCommerce does not offer a money-back guarantee after you’ve signed up for a plan.

Is BigCommerce secure?

Yes, BigCommerce is extremely safe. To the store’s owners, BigCommerce has a dedicated security team who ensures that the platform is safeguarded with various levels of security such as firewalls, file integrity scanners, and intrusion detection.

BigCommerce can also provide an encrypted shopping experience for their customers because they are certified as Level 1 PCI DSS-compliant and are in compliance with the requirements of all the six areas of PCI standards to secure their customers’ account and payment information.

Is BigCommerce great?

Absolutely, BigCommerce is one of the most effective e-commerce solutions currently in use. It has an unbeatable range and depth of features for ecommerce that is built on a stable, fast, and secure platform. It’s adaptable and will not have any issues with any online store it expands.

However, that does not mean it’s the best hosting option for your web-based store. Based on the needs of your business, it is possible that other platforms can meet all your requirements for less than BigCommerce. For smaller businesses, you might realize that you do not require all the features BigCommerce has to offer.

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