Weebly Pricing 2023 Guide: Choose the Perfect Plan

Weebly Pricing Plans for 2023: Quick Overview

Welcome to our Weebly Pricing 2023 Guide! If you’re considering building a website with Weebly, one of the first things you’ll want to explore is their pricing options. With a variety of plans available, it’s important to choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. In this guide, we’ll provide an overview of Weebly pricing for 2023, including their plans, costs, and features. We’ll also compare Weebly’s pricing to that of their competitors, giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision. So, let’s dive in and explore the various Weebly pricing options and features!

Weebly Pricing Plans

weebly pricing

Weebly offers four pricing tiers for its website builder plans with promotions like in the picture above: Free, Personal, Professional, and Performance. The Free plan is a great way to explore Weebly if you’re a new user or testing the platform’s features. However, the Personal, Professional, and Performance plans are more feature-rich and better suited for businesses or personal sites that require more functionalities.

weebly annual plans

The Personal plan starts at $6 per month and includes a custom domain name, 24/7 customer support, and up to 10 products in your online store. The Professional plan starts at $12 per month and includes everything in the Personal plan, plus unlimited products, a pop-up message editor, and the ability to accept payments through Square.

The Performance plan is designed for high-traffic sites and online stores, and starts at $26 per month. It includes everything in the Professional plan, plus advanced eCommerce tools, real-time shipping rates, and abandoned cart emails.

Upgrading from a Free Weebly Account

While the Free plan is an excellent way to try out Weebly, upgrading to a paid plan unlocks many of the platform’s advanced features that are essential for growing businesses. Paid plans include premium features such as eCommerce capabilities, custom branding, and lead capture forms that free plans do not have. Additionally, upgrading to a paid plan allows you to remove Weebly ads from your site and use your custom domain, both of which contribute to a more professional online presence.

Monthly vs. Annual Subscriptions

Weebly pricing offers both monthly and annual subscription options. Annual subscriptions can save you over 30% when compared to the monthly pricing, making them an attractive option for long-term users. For example, the Personal plan costs $6 per month when paid annually, but the monthly cost is $9. The Professional plan costs $12 per month when paid annually, but the monthly cost is $16.

monthly vs annually weebly plans

Choosing an annual subscription provides a lower monthly cost for your Weebly plan, making it a great option if you plan to use the platform for the long-term or if you’re a business that can budget the yearly expense. Monthly plans may be more suited for short-term projects where you need access to Weebly’s features but have a limited budget.

Small Business Weebly Website Pricing

Overall, Weebly pricing plans offer an affordable and flexible way to launch and manage a website, whether it’s for personal or business use. Consider your budget and requirements carefully to choose the plan that best suits your needs, and don’t forget to take advantage of annual subscriptions to save money in the long run.

Additional Weebly Cost Factors

While Weebly offers various pricing plans, there are additional costs that you should be aware of when considering this platform. These costs can affect your budget and ultimately impact the hosting experience.

One additional cost factor is add-ons, which are optional features that you can purchase to add functionality to your site. While some add-ons are free, many come with a fee that is added to your monthly or annual subscription costs. Examples of add-ons include SEO tools, email marketing tools, and site analytics.

Premium apps are another additional cost factor that you may encounter when using Weebly. These apps offer advanced features and customization options, but they come with a cost. Some premium apps are free for a limited time, while others require a one-time or monthly fee.

Finally, there may be additional costs associated with third-party integrations or customization options. For example, you may need to pay for a custom domain name or for a Square photo studio integration. These costs can quickly add up, so it’s important to carefully consider whether you need these options before committing to a plan.

By taking these additional costs into account, you can make an informed decision about Weebly’s pricing plans and ensure that you don’t encounter any unexpected expenses along the way.

Weebly Pricing vs. Competitors

When considering Weebly’s pricing plans for 2023, it’s important to compare them with those of their competitors. One of the biggest competitors is Square, which also offers website building and eCommerce tools.

weebly pricing vs competitors

When it comes to pricing, Weebly offers several tiers of plans, starting with a free plan that includes Weebly branding on your site. Their paid plans range from $6 to $26 per month, with added features like a custom domain, eCommerce tools, and email marketing. They also offer an enterprise plan for larger businesses with custom pricing.

Square, on the other hand, offers a free plan with limited features, and their paid plans start at $12 per month for a basic website plan. Their eCommerce plan starts at $26 per month and includes more advanced features for online businesses. Overall, Square’s plans are slightly more expensive than Weebly’s, but they do offer more advanced eCommerce features.

Weebly vs. Square: Pricing and Features Comparison

ProviderPrice RangeFree PlaneCommerce Features
Weebly$6 – $26 per monthAvailableAvailable
Square$12 – $72 per monthAvailableMore advanced features

Ultimately, the choice between Weebly and Square comes down to your specific needs. If you’re looking for an affordable website builder with eCommerce capabilities, Weebly may be the better option. However, if you need more advanced eCommerce features, Square may be worth the slightly higher cost.

Weebly Pricing and Features

When it comes to pricing, Weebly offers a range of plans to suit different needs and budgets. Whether you’re a small business owner or an individual looking to create a personal website, there is a pricing plan for you. Here are some of the key features you can expect with Weebly pricing:

Custom Domain

weebly domain

Weebly allows you to use your own custom domain name, which can help to establish a professional online presence. You can either purchase a new domain through Weebly or connect an existing one.

Web Design

Weebly’s drag-and-drop website builder makes it easy to create a beautiful website without any coding knowledge. There are a range of templates and themes to choose from, and you can customize the design to suit your brand.

Square Photo Studio

Weebly’s partnership with Square gives you access to their photo studio, which allows you to edit and enhance your product photos to make them look professional.

Weebly Promote (Email Marketing)

Weebly offers an email marketing tool called Weebly Promote, which lets you create and send professional-looking newsletters to your subscribers.

Payment Processing

Weebly’s ecommerce plans include payment processing capabilities, allowing you to accept payments from customers directly on your website.

Premium Apps


Weebly’s App Center offers a range of premium apps that can help to enhance the functionality of your website. These include marketing tools, social media integrations, and more.

Weebly has partnerships with a number of leading companies, including Google, Dropbox, and PayPal, which can help to streamline your business operations.

Overall, Weebly’s pricing plans offer a range of features and tools to help you create a professional-looking website and grow your online presence.

Things You Should Know about Weebly Free Plan

If you are considering Weebly for your website, you may be wondering if the free plan is a good option. Here are a few key things you should know:

  • The free plan does not include a custom domain, so your website URL will include “Weebly” in the address.
  • Your site may also display Weebly advertisements, which can detract from the professional look of your website.
  • With the limited features of the free plan, you may not have access to some of the design and customization options available with the paid plans.

However, the free plan can be a good option if you are just starting out and want to experiment with building a website without committing to a paid plan. It can also be a good choice for personal websites or small blogs where having a custom domain is not as important.

Ultimately, whether or not the free plan is right for you depends on your specific needs and goals for your website.

Professional & Ecommerce Weebly Plans – No Adverts Displayed on Your Site

If you’re a business looking to establish a professional online presence, Weebly’s professional and ecommerce plans are perfect for you. These plans come with a range of features and benefits, including the ability to use a custom domain name without any Weebly branding or advertisements displayed on your site.

PlanPrice (Monthly)Price (Annually)Features
Professional$12$144Connect your custom domain, remove Weebly branding, unlimited storage, advanced site stats, password protection, site search, video backgrounds, HD video and audio, and more.
Performance$26$312All the features of Professional, plus: membership, SSL security, shipping and tax calculator, coupons, gift cards, inventory management, and more.
Pro Plus$38$456All the features of Performance, plus: abandoned cart emails, real-time shipping rates, USPS label printing, and more.

In addition to these features, the professional and ecommerce plans also include access to Weebly Promote, which enables you to create and send professional email campaigns to your audience. You also have access to Square’s payment processing, which is fully integrated with Weebly to make it easy for you to accept payments and manage your finances.

Overall, the professional and ecommerce plans offer a comprehensive package for businesses looking to create a professional online presence. With a range of features and benefits, and no Weebly branding or advertisements displayed on your site, these plans are a great investment for any business.

Basic Weebly Website Plans – Adverts Displayed on Your Site

If you’re looking for a cost-effective website plan, Weebly’s basic option may be suitable for your needs. However, it comes with a few considerations to keep in mind. The main difference between the basic and professional Weebly plans is that the basic plan displays advertisements on your site. These ads are Weebly promotions, and there is no option to remove them from your pages.

The basic Weebly plan is ideal for those who are looking to create a simple website, such as a personal blog or portfolio, and are not concerned about having ads displayed on their pages. It is also a good option for those who are just starting with their online presence and want to test the waters before upgrading to a professional plan.

BasicFreeDrag-and-drop website builder, customizable templates, free SSL security, storage limit of 500MB

Although the basic plan is free, there are additional costs to keep in mind. For example, if you want a custom domain name, you will need to purchase one separately from a domain registrar. Additionally, there are limits to the storage and bandwidth available, which may require an upgrade to a higher plan if you plan to have more content on your site or receive high traffic.

Overall, the basic Weebly website plan is a great choice for those who need a simple website and do not mind having advertisements displayed on their pages. However, if you want a more professional online presence, it may be worth considering one of Weebly’s other plans.

Final thoughts

Weebly offers a variety of pricing plans for 2023 to suit different needs. From free to professional and ecommerce plans, Weebly provides options for businesses and individuals alike.

The pricing plans come with numerous features, including custom domains, web design options, Square photo studio, Weebly Promote for email marketing, payment processing capabilities, premium apps, and featured partners.

It’s important to consider additional cost factors, such as add-ons and premium apps that may incur extra charges.

Weebly’s free plan has limitations and displays advertisements on your site, while the professional and ecommerce plans do not have any ads displayed.

Choosing the right Weebly pricing plan for your needs is crucial. Consider the features you require and the budget you’re willing to spend. With this guide, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on which pricing plan is best suited to your website needs.

Weebly Pricing Review: Summary

In conclusion, choosing the right Weebly pricing plan for your needs is essential to the success of your website. With a range of plans available, from free to professional and ecommerce, businesses of all sizes can find the perfect fit.

We’ve explored the pricing plans offered by Weebly for 2023, discussing the different tiers, their costs, and what features are included in each plan. We’ve also compared Weebly’s pricing with that of its competitors, specifically focusing on Weebly vs. Square.

Additional cost factors have been outlined, such as add-ons, premium apps, and other features that may incur extra charges. We have highlighted the benefits of a custom domain, the web design options available, and the various tools and integrations offered by Weebly, such as Square photo studio, Weebly Promote for email marketing, payment processing capabilities, premium apps, and featured partners.

Whether you choose the professional and ecommerce plans that do not display any advertisements on your site or the basic website plans that do display ads, Weebly has a plan that will suit your needs and budget.

Make an Informed Decision for 2023

Take the time to review the pricing and features of each plan before making a decision. Consider your website needs, budget, and future goals. By doing so, you can confidently choose the perfect Weebly pricing plan for your website in 2023.

Thank you for reading our comprehensive guide to Weebly pricing for 2023. We hope it has been informative and helpful in your decision-making process.


Q: What is the pricing guide for Weebly in 2023?

A: Weebly offers a variety of plans to choose from in their pricing guide for 2023. These plans include the personal plan, professional plan, performance plan, and business plan. Each plan has different features and pricing options.

Q: How much does the Weebly personal plan cost?

A: The Weebly personal plan is priced at $12 per month. This plan is suitable for personal websites and includes a free domain for one year.

Q: What is the price for the Weebly performance plan?

A: The Weebly performance plan is priced at $29 per month. This plan is designed for websites that require more resources and have higher traffic volumes.

Q: What does the Weebly professional plan include?

A: The Weebly professional plan is priced at $18 per month. It includes features such as a free domain for one year, advanced site stats, and the ability to remove Weebly branding.

Q: Is there a free plan available on Weebly?

A: Yes, Weebly offers a free plan that allows users to build a basic website with limited features. However, it does not include a custom domain and has Weebly branding.

Q: Can I use my own custom domain with Weebly?

A: Yes, you can use your own custom domain with Weebly. This feature is available for all paid plans, including the personal plan, professional plan, and performance plan.

Q: What is the best Weebly plan for a small business?

A: The best Weebly plan for a small business depends on the specific needs and requirements. The professional plan and business plan are both suitable options with additional features and higher resource limits.

Q: Does Weebly offer a free domain name?

A: Yes, Weebly offers a free domain for one year with their paid plans, including the personal plan, professional plan, and performance plan.

Q: How much does the Weebly pro plan cost?

A: The Weebly pro plan is priced at $10 per month. This plan includes features such as a custom domain, advanced site stats, and the ability to remove Weebly branding.

Q: How does the pricing guide work for Weebly?

A: The pricing guide for Weebly works based on the plan you choose and whether you prefer to pay on a monthly or annual basis. The plans have different prices and features, allowing you to select the one that best suits your needs.


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